Tips so that the salary does not run out quickly

Hello friends, how often is the salary for a friend to last? Questions like this sometimes get answers that are a little joking like, "My salary is 5 commas", "15 commas", and other commas. 5 commas, 15 commas here instead of the salary amount of 5 million comma or what number 11 million comma. But what is meant is the 5th has been comma or the 15th has been comma. Pathetic isn't it? For me to keep my salary from running out until the end of the month is an achievement in itself because there are so many temptations that affect me to make unnecessary expenses. Now I will share a few tips so that friends' salaries will not run out quickly. Create Post. Making an expenditure post is very important. Why is it so important? Because in my opinion this is where we determine the expenditure that in principle must be done. For example, if we are still stuck, of course, routine expenses such as boarding, electricity, sending parents is certainly a must. Because the name must not be misused this post as used for other purposes. Make personal financial statements. This idea is very good, because with the personal financial statements we know how wasteful or how economical our expenses are in one month. The challenge is how we can routinely make personal financial reports, because sometimes fortunately small things like spending parking money we are lazy to take notes. Save. Even though it looks trivial but if we do this regularly, we will reap the rewards that are in accordance with our efforts. Saving is not necessary in large quantities. We can start with a small amount but it is done regularly. Why should it be routine? So that the target of saving can be achieved successfully. Don't save too much cash. Maybe this is what we do to guard against always going to the ATM to take money. But if we save too much cash, a bigger temptation will come because we carry a considerable amount of money. It could be when we are "Hungry" in an instant we buy goods that are not important. Charity. For the last tips, this might be a little contrary to these tips. Although somewhat contradictory, these tips are quite effective. Because these tips are invisible "investments". Because with charity we train ourselves to have a "Generous" mentality. With us doing charity or giving us like sowing "Seeds" one day we will reap the results. As information, people as classy and as rich as "Bill Gates" always do charity routinely. And according to Bill Gates, the key to success is through doing one of them. Charity is not always large and fantastic, but starts with simple things like helping people who are in trouble, providing food for displaced people, and other small things. Thus simple tips from me, maybe the needs of each person is different. But if we plan finances well and prioritize needs rather than desires, we will get results in accordance with our efforts. Send regards for success!

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